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Creating workplace environments to achieve superior results.

Professional  Development

Safety Management Certification

Classroom or Module Training

Diversified Training Offerings

Workplace Compliance

Suppliers & Vendors

First Aid & CPR


As a Safety Consulting firm, we see the domain thru the lens of experience. We evaluate daily to recognize routines, enhance the scope of possibilities to create a safer more productive workplace for everyone.

We are here to create an environment to help you get the results you need on time.

Construction Signs

Traffic Safety 

Air & Wellness Safety Training provides traffic management for all of your traffic needs.  We provide Certified Flaggers, barricades, signs, road closures, we currently  perform this task for CTA and O'Hare Airport and more. 


Safety Training 

Air & Wellness offers First Aid, AED, and CPR training for healthcare workers, first responders or any organization who need staff with certified life saving skills. 

OSHA 10 & 30 Training

We offer OSHA 10 & 30 training that allows employees to complete required training, meet compliance needs and earn their completion certificate.


Temporary Jobsite Security


No matter the size of the job, Air & Wellness Safety Training  has provided temporary fence/ security for the  Chicagoland area including O'Hare Airport.  Providing a variety of ways to secure your jobsite. We can provide you  a solution for rental  temporary or purchase.


Temporary Fence

Temporary fencing can be purchased or rented. It’s available in a variety of styles and heights to meet the needs of the applicant. Temporary fencing is available as portable chain link panels or chain link fence fabric attached to Wind screen if necessary or requested. We typically have green in stock and can also provide additional colors. 

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